How does Specific Amino Acid Therapy work, Dr. Todd?

Well, it’s all laid out on my Specific Amino Acid Therapy website.

Here is a success story that I reported on facebook yesterday. What are your thoughts?

In a nutshell, the patient fills out the Brain Function Questionnaire and then we treat with the appropriate specific amino acid(s) in an effort to build up quality neurotransmitters that the brain has been lacking. Good stuff!!!

In the informative video below, I discuss the many benefits of ‘Specific Amino Acid Therapy’ including how to drastically improve the quality of one’s nightly sleep, as well as treating both depression & anxiety naturally! The Brain Function Questionnaire, which helps in determining specific neurotransmitter (hormone) deficiencies is available at my AFCvirden web site.

Yours in health,

Dr. Todd Austin
Official Chiropractor of the Springfield Foxes Semi-Pro Football Team since 2011.

“Hey Dr. Todd, what is a BIOMAT and how does it work?”

Eugena aka BiomatGena

Eugena Austin, L.M.T. is also known as Diamond Executive Biomat Distributor #BiomatGena of #TeamGena

Dr. Todd's youngest daughter fills a Biomat burrito!

Dr. Todd’s youngest daughter fills a Biomat burrito!

Dr. Todd purchased his very first Biomat in 7/2013 acting on the advice of one of his healing LIGHT therapy mentors. He loves it, as do his wife Eugena (aka #GlutenFreeGena or #BiomatGena ) and their 3 kids. Dr. Todd invited fellow BIOMAT expert Clint W. to join him at Austin Family Chiropractic to shoot a series of 4 episodes of “The Doctor Todd Show” (aka The Toastmaster Todd Show” and what has since morphed into The Biomat Show ) about questions regarding far infrared (FIR) technology.

Here is episode 1 with Dr. Todd Austin interviewing Clint about how far infrared thermotherapy technology works:

Clint 1 of 3 on Ask Dr Todd

Clint W 1 of 3 on AskDrTodd with Dr Todd Austin of Central IL

Actually, due to increased scrutiny by our U.S. government, Episode 1 of 3 is now no longer available in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, but only as a PRIVATE video for our PREFERRED CUSTOMERS & CLIENTS.

Here is episode 2 with Clint demonstrating a far infrared thermotherapy elbow pain treatment to Dr. Todd Austin:

Episode 3 is all about far infrared thermotherapy technology to improve #Athletic #Recovery. #DrTodd Austin, team #Chiropractic Physician, team #ColdLaser Therapist & team #Trainer for the #Springfield Foxes since 2011 interviews Clint about his experiences working with FIR alongside Olympic team doctor, Dr. Williams.

Clint 3 of 3 - AskDrTodd

Clint W 3 of 3 on AskDrTodd with Dr Todd Austin of Central IL

Episode 3 of 3 has suffered a similar fate as Episode 1 and is now only available as a PRIVATE video for our PREFERRED CUSTOMERS & CLIENTS. If you don’t like it, please complain to your legislators. I remember when this used to be a FREE COUNTRY which included FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Not so much in 2015 and beyond though. Now anything which could be perceived as cutting into either Big Pharma or Big Medicine’s big fat profit margins will be censored!!!

And finally, at 131 degrees Fahrenheit Dr. Todd gives new meaning to the term ‘sitting in the hot seat’ as Clint turns the table and interviews Dr. Austin in Episode 4:

Dr. Todd enjoys a relaxing FIR treatment.

Dr. Todd enjoys a relaxing far infrared thermal treatment.

Dr. Todd’s wife #GlutenFreeGena uses our far infrared thermal mat for the purposes of reducing stress and fatigue on her gluten-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, soda-free wellness journey. Through 8-24-14, Eugena is crushing it and has lost 71 lbs over the past 12 months by being #GlutenFreeGena. I give her three 30-minute therapeutic massages per week combined with FIR (What can I say other than she deserves every single one of them). And Gena even sleeps on the far infrared mat 4 nights per week as well. Click here to go to our Austin Family Chiropractic Biomat Informational Page.

Yours in LIGHTing up healthcare,

Todd W. Austin, D.C.
Clinical Director, Chiropractic Physician & Cold Laser Therapist
Austin Family Chiropractic
Business Manager for #TheBiomatCompany Diamond Executive Distributor Eugena B. Austin, L.M.T.
Virden, IL

“Why don’t you ADVERTISE Cold Laser Therapy, like SPRINGFIELD KNEE PAIN does?”

This is a question I’ve been getting a lot from both my current and new patients lately, mainly in response to a competitors new website about Springfield Knee Pain at .

The conversation goes like this: “”Hey Dr. Todd, there’s some other new chiropractor in Springfield who is advertising cold laser therapy like crazy all of a sudden. How come I never see or hear you advertising that? I mean since I know it’s your niche and all. I thought you might want to keep up with the competition.”

Great question, BTW. There are 2 main reasons that I don’t advertise LLLT (low level laser therapy or cold laser therapy).

The primary one is because I JUST DON’T NEED TO! I’m not a fan at all when it comes to conventional advertising. The return on investment of newspaper, radio & TV is typically pathetic. The Doctor in question is spending about $800 a pop every time he runs a half page ad in the Springfield, IL STATE JOURNAL-REGISTER newspaper. That’s freaking nuts!!! And he spends at least as much bombarding the radio airwaves as well. I run a LOW STRESS, LOW OVERHEAD practice. It would take a veritable ton of $30 treatments to pay that character’s advertising bill. Ouch!!! So no wonder if you go to his site, you’ll see that if you’re lucky enough to respond to his offer QUICK ENOUGH then you’ll get his $425 cold laser evaluation for only $60.

Geez, and here little old me charges only $35 cash pay price for what is probably a much more thorough evaluation. And to borrow a phrase from Walmart, “That’s our everyday low price” at Austin Family Chiropractic.

This fella in Springfield just bought his first pain relief cold laser in July 2013 after he came back into practice. Personally, I own 8 cold laser devices, and I’ve been using them for 8+ years, so I guarantee I could run rings around this cold laser therapy pain relief newbie with my army of laser devices. Trust me when I say this guy jumps from gimmick to gimmick. Just 6 months ago, he was the “LipoLaser Weight Loss Guy”, until his advertising practices landed him in hot water. BTW, he just came back into practice after losing his license back in 3/2013 for breaking advertising laws for which he had to pay a $5,000 fine. He’s now on indefinite probation until at least 6-30-2014 in case you were wondering. YIKES!!! And he’s not new. He’s got 16 black marks on his license, 9 of which occurred in the past 2 1/2 years, with others dating back to 1992. I don’t normally bash my fellow brothers and sisters in chiropractic, but this situation has BAD NEWS written all over it. Don’t believe me? Then please go to IL License Lookup and enter the following:

Last name: PRICE
First Initial: K
Then click on the word SEARCH.


But I digress. I don’t need to ADVERTISE because I get a fairly steady stream of referrals for COLD LASER THERAPY from patients, Medical Doctors and other Chiropractors as well. I also get plenty of new Cold Laser Therapy patients from my gig as Official Team D.C. and Official Team Cold Laser Therapist of the 2012 MidStates Football League Eastern Conference Champion Springfield Foxes and my online presence as “central IL’s ‘Go To Guy’ for LLLT treatment and advice” as the creator & host of ColdLaser.TV, my online cold laser informational video blog. I’ve been educating the public via my ToddAustinDC YouTube Channel since 2009.

MY PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT is to either get every American citizen to an affordable and competent Cold Laser Therapy practitioner or to have them purchase their own LLLT device(s) to add to their 21st Century Medicine Cabinet for ‘at home’ use. See below video:

And secondly, I don’t advertise because advertising Cold Laser Therapy is just asking for trouble. This Springfield Doc is advertising his cold lasers specifically for “knee pain” and “peripheral neuropathy”. While it’s true that cold lasers can many times help those conditions (it happens daily in my office), in the U.S. we can only legally advertise a cold laser device for what it is FDA cleared (approved) for. For example, if a certain cold laser device is only FDA cleared for treating carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), it can only be advertised in the newspaper / on the TV / on the radio for treating, you guessed it, CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME. So it might well be said that this guy is foolishly putting himself out there as a sitting duck. In other words, he’s just asking to get his license yanked again.

Any bets how long it’ll be before Black Mark #17 goes on his record? SMH

So I hope I succeeded in answering your question about “Why I don’t ADVERTISE Cold Laser Therapy”. But here are a couple of my KNEE PAIN testimonial videos from my satisfied patients:

For the record the “Dr. Todd Austin Knee Pain Protocol” involves a combination of: chiropractic lower extremity work, cold laser therapy and nutritional supplements for improving weight-bearing joint health.

Yours in lighting up healthcare,

Todd Austin, D.C.

Do all ROTATOR CUFF problems require surgery?

Dr. Austin adjusts (chiropractic) a Foxes player's shoulder on the sidelines prior to a game.

Dr. Austin adjusts (chiropractic) a Foxes player’s shoulder on the sidelines prior to a game.

To answer that question, I’d like to share my latest online press release:

Dr. Todd & Eugena Austin from Austin Family Chiropractic in Virden, IL attend ROTATOR CUFF Seminar.

Dr. Todd Austin and Eugena Austin of Virden recently attended a weekend postgraduate seminar in Chesterfield, MO. The seminar was entitled ‘Releasing The Rotator Cuff: A Massage Therapy Perspective’ and was sponsored by Cross Country Education.

– Oct 20, 2012 –

The latest in rotator cuff diagnosis and treatment was covered by Peggy Lamb, LMT from Austin, TX. This included extensive examination of each of the 4 rotator cuff muscles and tendons, common causes of rotator cuff injuries, how ‘shoulder rhythm’ affects the rotator cuff, strategies to prevent shoulder injuries, effective strategies for releasing rotator cuff muscles through therapeutic massage as well as stretching and strengthening exercises for both the rotator cuff and the entire shoulder girdle area.

It is not true that all rotator cuff injuries occur in athletes. Dr. Todd and Eugena treat both athletes and non-athletes for many shoulder issues. Todd and Eugena also serve as team trainers and sideline healthcare providers for the semi-pro Springfield Foxes football team. The team just finished the season as the 2012 Eastern Conference Champions of the MidStates Football League.

Dr. Todd performing cold laser therapy for a shoulder problem on the sidelines.  Remember that ALL shoulder pain has something to do with the rotator cuff (either directly or indirectly).

Dr. Todd performing cold laser therapy for a shoulder problem on the sidelines. Remember that ALL shoulder pain has something to do with the rotator cuff (either directly or indirectly).

Although most people think that all rotator cuff injuries require surgery, this is also not true. Many rotator cuff issues, even many muscle and tendon tears, can be treated successfully with conservative measures such as massage therapy, cold laser therapy, chiropractic care and strengthening exercises without the need for surgery. Dr. Todd has helped keep many patients from rotator cuff (and other shoulder) surgeries over the years by using a combination of cold lasers and chiropractic adjustments. For more info see Dr. Todd’s “ColdLaser.TV” YouTube video on the subject of Using Cold Laser Therapy (aka Low Level Laser Therapy) To Prevent Surgery and / or Pre & Post Surgically as well. It is below:

Eugena is now incorporating these new “releasing the rotator cuff” techniques into her massage practice which offers both relaxing and deep tissue massages. Their clinic’s shoulder stretching routines for both general shoulder health and rotator cuff rehab can be found at:
Austin Family Chiropractic’s Patient Exercise Page.

Eugena Austin LMT performing a shoulder massage on a Springfield Foxes player on the sidelines during pregame.

Eugena Austin LMT performing a shoulder massage on a Springfield Foxes player on the sidelines during pregame.

The seminar instructor, Peggy Lamb, has been a practicing Massage Therapist since 1986 and has helped several dozen of her clients to prevent rotator cuff surgeries over the years.

Dr. Austin is a 1993 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic , who practices at Austin Family Chiropractic on the West Side of the Virden Square. Austin has been practicing in Virden since 1996 along with his wife Eugena who is the clinic’s Licensed Massage Therapist. For more information or to schedule a massage session with Eugena or a chiropractic or

cold laser therapy appointment with Dr. Todd, please call (217) 965-3100, send email to or visit the clinic website at

The clinic can also be found on both Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Todd Austin and Eugena Austin LMT with seminar instructor Peggy Lamb LMT

Dr. Todd Austin and Eugena Austin LMT with seminar instructor Peggy Lamb LMT

Dr. Todd Austin (left) and Eugena Austin, LMT (right) from Austin Family Chiropractic in Virden recently attended a ‘Releasing the Rotator Cuff’ Seminar in St. Louis. They are seen here with Peggy Lamb, LMT, who is known throughout massage therapy circles as a master at both preventing and treating rotator cuff issues conservatively (ie, without the need for surgery).

October 2012 ROTATOR CUFF Seminar Online Press Release for Dr. Todd & Eugena Austin

A question I just received about LLLT for scars.

I received the following question yesterday about our clinic’s new “at-home” cold laser therapy devices. The question pertains to if they relate to treating scars.

Dear Dr. Todd,

Those laser things you have for home use, are they something you can use to minimize scarring? I was reading your facebook posts about where your daughter had been hurt & you lasered her face while she slept. I wondered if the ones you sell for home use are used for that also or what they are used for?!?!?

Mrs. D.C.
Macoupin County, IL

Akabane points for treating pain and inflammation in the left foot.


Dear Yolanda,
Here are the special Akabane points that I promised to share with you. Excuse the rough foot drawing that my 4yo and I came up with.

 You might wonder why there are 6 toe nail bed spots that we will treat with laser acupuncture and 4 that we won’t. That’s because we only treat the points where an acupuncture meridian either begins or ends. I have listed the names of the 6 meridians that do so on the foot FYI.

Once again, we are not “treating a fracture”, but rather

1) improving the flow of energy (what the Ancient Chinese refer to as CHI) &
2) treating inflammation and pain.

Yours in health,

Dr. Todd

A question that I just received about laser hair restoration…

Hey Dr. Todd…I have a question for you. My husband was thinking about purchasing some kind of cold laser technology that he had seen advertised in the past for stimulation of hair folicals for hair regrowth and thickening. I told him that you used cold laser therapy in your practice and that I would check with you to see if it is proven for hair growth or or not. If you do not know, would you know where I could check on the veracity of those claims for hair regrowth? Thanks for any info you know about it.


J.H.  from  Wood River, IL



A recent DIETING question that I received via email.


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I received the following QUESTION two weeks ago via e-mail regarding WEIGHT LOSS: “Hey, Dr. Todd. I saw your website and saw some interesting things on diets and eating healthier there.” {He was referring to this page on my AFCvirden website: } “Next … Continue reading

A question about HEART HEALTH that I was asked yesterday.

Yesterday while attending my local Chamber of Commerce meeting, we heard about a business owner in town who has a grown child (although still relatively young compared to me & most of the others at the meeting) who recently suffered a heart attack.  Of course our collective thoughts and prayers go out to him for a speedy recovery.

A lady sitting near me said “Oh my God, that’s too young!”.  I agreed that it was.  She then went on to ask me “Is there anything that us 40 & 50 yr olds at the meeting could be doing to decrease our chance of a HEART ATTACK?”  My

Dr. Todd displays the book “Heart Disease What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You”.

For a more in-depth look at heart disease, the book “Heart Disease What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You” is now available at Austin Family Chiropractic in Virden, IL.

reply was a resounding “Absolutely!” 

This lady who I like to kid around with because she knows very, very little about health looked at me like I was nuts.  I guess she expected me to say that we were all doomed to suffer such a fate.  

I went on to explain that just 30 minutes prior to the meeting I had taken all of my AM nutritional supplements, about 14 of them in all.  Once again, I got the ‘you must be off your rocker’ glance from her.  I told her that by taking 4 of these supplements, I had just decreased my chance of DYING of a HEART ATTACK by a whopping 81% as compared to her.  In fact, she takes NO nutritional supplements, and her idea of a balanced breakfast is ‘Fruit Loops’ cereal because she saw a commercial once that stated it was healthy cereal due to being fortified with 17 vitamins & minerals. 

I mentioned that diet also had a lot to do with it.  If all you eat is stuff out of bags, boxes and cans, survey says – that’s not a very healthy diet.

If you’d like to know about the 4 supplements I’m referring to, all of which we keep in stock at , please respond to this blog post, and I’ll be happy to explain further.

In the meantime …. in the video below, I go into some detail about 3 of the supplements and why cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are a total racket:

Yours in health,

Dr. Todd Austin