Dear Dr. Todd, My M.D. (G.P.) said I need to be taking a Statin Drug to Lower my Cholesterol. Should I?

That’s a question submitted by Kathy via e-mail. And I can definitely answer the question myself once I have a little bit more info in the way of specifics (ie, Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, etc.)

But since I am aware of the big push by Big Government, Big Medicine & Big Pharma to change the guidelines regarding cholesterol for the worse on 1-1-14, I decided to call on my friend and clinical nutrition mentor Dr. Bryan Reid to give us an up to date scoop on this crisis that is about to get even more out of control.

Dr Todd Show & Dr Reid on cholesterol

Dr Todd Austin & Dr Bryan Reid on statin drugs and cholesterol

Dr. Reid is a heavy hitter when it comes to helping patients solve the problems that they encounter with their blood lipid profiles. This dude is a veritable wealth of information on the topic. So let’s get Dr. Reid’s take on STATINS vs CHOLESTEROL, shall we?

So there you have it, ladies and gents. You may want to reconsider before you just blindly take the advice of a General Practitioner M.D. regarding the “standard narrative” that Big Pharma has been trying to spoon feed us for decades regarding CHOLESTEROL being the enemy and STATIN DRUGS (like Crestor & Lipitor) being knights in shining armor.

Yours in health,

Dr. Todd W. Austin
Clinical Director
Austin Family Chiropractic
Virden, IL

4 thoughts on “Dear Dr. Todd, My M.D. (G.P.) said I need to be taking a Statin Drug to Lower my Cholesterol. Should I?

  1. Statins are very profitable. What is coeridnsed normal range of cholesterol has been lowered from 220 to 200 to 180. What is recommended for some people is cholesterol levels that can ONLY be obtained with statins. Much of the research supporting the use of statins is paid for by the companies producing the drugs. Highly suspect, in my way of thinking.Notice that even in men who had previously suffered heart attacks, the statins did not decrease overall deaths, just another heart attack. Some of those deaths may very well have been caused by strokes, a known risk of statin drug usage.Unless you have a rare genetic disease, it’s very easy to lower your cholesterol into the normal range, get the ratio between HDL and LDL righted, and lower your triglycerides.Eat LOTS of good fats (butter, olive oil, palm oil, peanut oil, and best of all, coconut oil), take a natural cod liver oil supplement, cut out transfats (most salad oils and all shortenings), eat whole foods like beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, fruits, and eliminate refined starches and sugars.

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